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Things are always being lost and found at our Soccer fields. With this web page we hope some of it can be returned to the rightful owners. If you found something, or have lost something and have all ready gone to the schools lost & found and have also asked the team that played after your game and still cant find your lost items please fill out information at the bottom of this page. 
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» FOUND at Moffet: Found Girls size small zip up hoodie Mossimo at Moffet. It was left during practice the week of April 4th. If this belongs to you, please email: angie.dahman@gmail.com - 04/26/16

» FOUND at Hawes: Found girls pink folding chair. Hawes after a game back in November of 2015. If this belongs to you, please email: angie.dahman@gmail.com - 04/26/16

» LOST at Peterson Elementary: Womans multi colored cotton blend scarf with skulls on it. Also, a little girls multi colored purse with an owl on it. Inside 1 pink walkie talkie and other misc items. They were lost last Saturday after our 1130 game. If found, please email dtbangle@hotmail.com - 03/15/16

» FOUND at Brethren Christian: Found a first aid kit at BC in the parking lot. If this belongs to you, please email: nocleugh@hotmail.com - 02/20/16

» LOST at Moffett Elementary: Size 3 Soccer ball with "ARANDA" written on it. If found, please email Vangie.aranda@gmail.com - 11/28/15

» LOST at Hawes Elementary: Childs R2 D2 chair. Could have been left at Eader. If found, please email Deannaspeiser@verizon.net - 11/24/15

» LOST at Moffett Elementary: Green soccer ball with black spots (Size 3). "ZACH" stamped in red on the ball at 4-5 places. If found, please email dshiwota@gmail.com - 11/24/15

» LOST at Eader Elementary: Nike soccer ball size 4. It is red and white with "VEC" written in black marker. If found, please email louvec18@aol.com - 11/22/15

» LOST at Eader Elementary: Blue backpack style folding chair. The manufacture tag says "COPA". it's small adult/big kid size. If found, please email judihall24@gmail.com - 11/22/15

» FOUND at Eader Elementary: Found a blue & green Nite Brite soccer ball (size 4). It went over the wall into a yard by the u8 field on 11/14. If this belongs to you, please email: greggatwell@gmail.com - 11/18/15

» FOUND at Brethren Christian: Found a ball with the name "HALL" on it. If this belongs to you, please email: kristin.garriga@soletechnology.com- 11/4/15

» LOST at Eader Elementary: Blue umbrella. If found, please email reinap2010@hotmail.com - 11/3/15

» LOST at Hawes Elementary: Adidas black soccer backpack with blue size 4 ball inside (or near by). If found, please email sdiliberto@verizon.net - 10/15/15

» LOST at Sowers Middle School: EZ up went missing (approx 2 weeks ago). If found, please email btaylor@chapman.edu - 10/12/15

» LOST at Peterson Elementary: EZ with blue canopy was left at the field. If found, please email rdntaylor@gmail.com - 10/12/15

» LOST at Sowers Middle School: 1 orange, black and white goalie glove (Umbro) size 7 on Oct 3. If found, please email Chadtpollock@hotmail.com - 10/11/15

» FOUND at Moffett  Elementary: Found pair of Prada sunglasses left on Wednesday night on grass near restroom around 6pm. If this belongs to you, please email: lain_vaught@hotmail.com - 10/8/15

» LOST at Sowers Middle School: Purple size 3 ball lost on Sept 26th. If found, please email ceing911@gmail.com - 10/6/15

» FOUND at Peterson  Elementary: Found Franklin blue and white soccer ball with a bunch of kids' signatures/autographs. If this belongs to you, please email:issyford@gmail.com - 09/30/15

» LOST at Sowers Middle School: Black soccer backpack with neon green on the inside. There were shoes and an inhaler inside the bag. If found, please email: Rhansenhb@gmail.com - 09/23/15

» LOST at Peterson Elementary: Pink Thermos water bottle. If found, please email: brianna.ruorock@yahoo.com - 09/15/15

» LOST at Hawes Elementary: #3 Blue/Green Soccer ball with Schurig written on ball. If found, please email: reinap2010@hotmail.com - 09/07/15

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