Referees Corner

 Referees Welcome to the AYSO Region 56 Fall season!
Referees are critical to soccer. The game can't be played without them.

My name is Nick Dispalatro, and I am your Referee Administrator. You can reach me by e-mail by clicking HERE!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Region 56 Referee Staff:
Ron Berkowitz - Director of Referee Instruction
Kolby Keo - Referee Director of Assessments
Vacant - Training questions
Ernie Rahm - Director of Youth Referees
Kolby Keo - Director of Referee Mentoring
Vacant - Director of Female referees 
Ben Allen - Scheduler  
**MANDATORY REFEREE MEETING** - Every team must be represented. Click HERE for details!

» Regional Referee Training - All Region 56 referees are required to complete regional classroom training. Please click the link for upcoming classes: 2015 Fall Referee Training Schedule

  AYSO Volunteer Form (Adult Or Youth)
If you have not already filled out and turned in this annual form, then please go online and do so.

Please click: HERE and fill out the Volunteer Form.

We all as volunteers need to complete a Volunteer Form each year. You can fill it out online and print out two copies (3 if you want one for yourself).

  Rules and other stuff for region 56
•  Discipline Policy:
"Yellow & Red Cards are highly discouraged in the U8 & U10 divisions. Use caution when using cards at the U12 level. You must complete a misconduct report if you have to issue any type of misconduct.

Special Rules for U8 Games:
No penalty kicks, No off-side (dont allow obvious "cherry picking" either) There will be only direct kicks at this  level, and only from outside the goal area for attacking team.

 •   NEW Click Here for an interactive guide to offsides Law 11


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  2015 Fall Referee Schedules

» U9 - U19 Rec + Extra schedule

» 2015 Referee Points by team

  Misconduct MUST Be Reported
Any misconduct issues during a game must be reported to Nick Disalatro within 
24 hours. 

» Misconduct Form
» Incident Report

  Referee Requirements

Regional Referee (minimum age 12)

» Intermediate Referee (minimum age 14)

» Advanced Referee (minimum age 16)

» National Referee (minimum age 18)

 Downloadable Forms for Referees:
»   Laws of the Game
»   Advice to Referees
»   AYSO Rules and Regulations
»   Guide to Procedures for Referees
»   7 & 7 Cautions and send offs
»   Regional Pre Test
»   Intermediate Pre Test
»   Advanced Pre Test
»   Assistant Referee Instructions Guide
»   Diagonal
»   Dress Code
»   Fouls and Misconduct Simplified
»   Law 11
»   Law 12
»   Mechanics
»   Misconduct Form
»   Incident Report Form
»   Referees Pre-Game Instructions & Duties